Catholic Church in Hohenecken, Germany

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Welcome to my photo sharing site, Faith Baptist Church Images & More. With over 390,000 images in almost 1900 galleries, this site is a depository of all my photographs and video clips taken since 1999 and a few scanned older ones It displays images of Faith Baptist Church, The Hospitality House in Kaiserslautern, and KMC chapels, and various travel, nature, Stereo, and other images. All images taken are shown unedited in the Archives category. Most are shown again in edited form in the various galleries. All images are of public people in public places and are considered fair use for legal purposes. If you have an image displayed here that you do not want shown, please contact me to have it removed at All images are protected against right click downloading except in some special circumstances.
Golden Jungfrau

Golden Jungfrau